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RAIN has extensive experience in programme and project management in the field of rainwater harvesting, collection and buffering. We have implemented rainwater programmes and projects in various countries in East and West Africa and Southeast Asia.

Our strength lies in our local and international partner network and our hands-on experience in applying unique approaches to rainwater harvesting. RAIN actively promotes the 3R (Recharge, Retention and Reuse) and MUS (Multiple Use Services) approaches in which rainwater harvesting and collection plays a key role.

Our experience, network, expert knowledge and skills have proven to be valuable for international programmes and projects on rainwater harvesting.

We can implement your rainwater harvesting programme or project for you and provide the following services:

  • Programme & project design, management and coordination
  • Programme & project monitoring and evaluation
  • Capacity building
  • Awareness and promotion

Who is using Implementation?

We link state of the art theory with practice. RAIN has an extensive network of knowledge institutes, universities, practitioners and decision makers in the Dutch and international water sector.


RAIN Implemenation Flyer

“Implementation is all about pursuing idealistic goals while assessing what is practically achievable in the field.”
Best practices

WUMP+3R approach, Nepal

Country: Nepal
Sector: Community Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation
Donor: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch WASH Alliance

RAIN and HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal developed and implemented a programme to pilot the WUMP+3R approach in Nepal. The Water Use Master Plan (WUMP) takes an integrated and holistic approach to water resources and uses and puts the local community at the centre of decision-making. RAIN and HELVETAS incorporated a catchment perspective and the 3R (Recharge, Retention and Reuse) approach into the WUMP module, paying greater attention to sustainable water supply options through rainwater harvesting. The WUMP+3R module is currently being implemented in areas where the demand for domestic and productive water cannot be met from the currently available water resources. The objective is to make communities more resilient to climate change by increase the uptake and integration of 3R, and rainwater harvesting in particular, into water use planning.

Environmental Sustainability Pilot in Rwambu, Uganda

Country: Uganda
Sector: Capacity Building, WASH and Food Security
Donor: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch WASH Alliance

RAIN, Wetlands International and our local partner JESE developed a unique pilot project on the environmental sustainability of WASH at subcatchment level. The project focuses on a wetland in the Rwambu area in Western Uganda and integrates WASH interventions with wetland management and a variety of water retention measures. Retention of uphill water recharges dried springs and boreholes and provides clean drinking water in the mid-hill villages. Combined with agricultural and agro-forestry projects it provides local communities with alternatives that reduce land pressure and encroachment into the wetland. The project improves access to and handling of safe water, hygiene and the handling and reuse of waste flows for productive use.

The Landscape Approach: Water for the Community of Tankougounadjé, Burkina Faso

Country: Burkina Faso
Sector: Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation

In the Tankougounadjé region of Burkina Faso people’s livelihoods suffer from both flooding and persistent droughts, which are being exacerbated by climate change. Taking the community’s diverse water needs as the starting point, RAIN and its partner VDS are not only tackling water sanitation and hygiene problems, but providing solutions to food shortages through the introduction of low-tech, small-scale 3R techniques to retain water for agriculture. This landscape approach directly strengthens the climate change resilience of these communities by keeping the water in the cycle, storing it and improving the buffering capacity of the soil.

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Sufficient and safe water should be available to everyone
How do we make that happen? We offer 3 key Rainwater harvesting services:
RAIN Implementation RAIN Intelligence RAIN Advice

Our motto “Rainwater belongs to everyone” is made operational for food security, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), climate change adaptation and resilience building. RAIN understands the power of rainwater and how to harvest and use it effectively on a catchment level.

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