The 3R program of recharging, retaining and re-using water offers solutions for urban areas

June 10th, 2016By: Rain editor

Because of poor infrastructure, strained sources or absence of storage capacity, some areas don’t have access to water of acceptable quality. However, simple solutions can make a big difference. RAIN’s 3R program of retaining, recharging and re-using water can provide these rural areas with water for agricultural and domestic needs.


On our program this decade: promoting 3R solutions globally


Programs in Jordan, Ethiopia and Bangladesh already demonstrated how in different circumstances better management of local water buffers contributes to the availability of safe water. Within this decade, our mission is:

– to promote 3R solutions globally: at local, national and international level
– to increase co-funding for implementation, research and capacity building
– to integrate 3R programs into policies, strategies, budgets and plans of governments
– to demonstrate the added value of buffer management in securing water for rural livelihood throughout the year

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This publication shows three successful programs in Jordan, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. Want to join our efforts or share your own ideas? Contact RAIN.