The Possibilities of Microfinance for Rainwater Harvesting

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

Microfinance can increase access to water through rainwater harvesting and the availability of water for multiple use can create an extra income. Simply because people living in water scarce areas, save lots of time with a water source at their doorstep. This time can be spend on income generating activities.

The benefits of using micro credits to finance rainwater harvesting

Using micro credits to finance rainwater harvesting is relatively new. However, the first experiences look promising. According to the pilots of RAIN, farmers were able to repay their loan within three years and are now enjoying the project’s benefits:

    • access to water
    • a healthy environment
    • agricultural productivity
    • business mindsets
    • independence from subsidies

Let’s further explore the possibilities of microfinance

Want to learn more about this type of financing? In this document, you can read exactly how people can create income using rainwater harvesting. Right now, RAIN is setting up more projects that explore the potential of microfinance for rainwater harvesting. Don’t hesitate to contact RAIN if you have any questions or if you want to share your experiences.