In need of good water management? Apply the 3R formula. Anywhere.

June 10th, 2016By: Rain editor

If we want to achieve global food security, we have to work on water security first. Water buffer management combats severe water shortages by storing water during the wet periods, so it’s available during the dry seasons. The 3R formula of recharging, retaining and reusing water can be applied all over the world, as good water management is needed everywhere.


What makes every 3R program so smart?


By improving local water management, people are given the means and confidence to increase their food security and improve their livelihoods. Every 3R program integrates different combinations of water buffering based on the requirements of the population of an area. These requirements are always taken into account:

– the multiple uses of water
– existing local infrastructure
– the way the land is used
– the natural environment

Keen to learn more about the 3R formula and water management?


This booklet enables you to achieve more in solving global water related challenges, as it focuses on the functions of land and water buffers as part of integrated basin management and climate change adaptation. Want to get in touch? Or develop your own 3R program? Contact RAIN