How to solve drought? Rainwater harvesting programs make smart use of the months in which it does rain, using 3R technologies

June 10th, 2016By: Rain editor

In East Africa rainfall is becoming erratic. There isn’t enough water available for agriculture, livestock and household use. However, all it takes to solve these problems is to make smart use of the months in which the rain does fill the rivers, ponds and the ground. RAIN teamed up with 12 people and groups, the so-called Rainwater Harvesting Champions, to implement rainwater harvesting programs with 3R techniques in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. And they succeeded perfectly.


3R technologies are the key to all rainwater harvesting programs


The key to all programs is the 3R approach of recharging, retaining and reusing water. 3R technologies store rainwater in the wet season, making it available to use in the dry season. After implementing these technologies, the Rainwater Harvesting Champions reaped the benefits of their own work:

– increased and more diverse food production
– reduced erosion and protected ecosystems
– better hygiene
– local empowerment

Want to learn from the champions of our 3R programs?


In all 3R programs, it becomes clear that the Rainwater Harvesting Champions are responsible for its success. They’re happy to share their knowledge and experience with you in this booklet. The booklet is highly recommended for all practitioners and policy makers who design and implement policies, programs and projects. Questions? Contact RAIN.