Toward Long-term Management of Water and Related Resources in a Refugee Setting in Uganda

March 21st, 2018By: Rain editor

Refugee settlements in northwestern Uganda are making growing demands on water resources. Development partners have installed water infrastructure (and continue to do so), but several reports indicate that in addition to the infrastructure being overwhelmed by the influx of new refugees, the institutional capacity for its management in the long term is limited. The resulting water shortages have created conflicts among refugees and often with the host community as well.
Aidenvironment (consortium lead), Acacia Water, and People Empowering People were recently contracted by GIZ to establish and operationalize institutions for managing water resources in two refugee settlements (Imvepi and Rhino camp) and their host communities in Arua district. Three Sub or Micro Catchment Management Committees will be established as well as at least five Water User Associations piloting different innovative approaches. The Committees and User Associations will be legally registered at local government level, given support to develop internal working procedures, and given tailor-made training on several topics. Furthermore, the Committees will be given assistance with developing priority micro catchment management plans.

For more information, please contact James W. Kisekka