The Rainwater Harvesting Symposium 2015 in Ethiopia

March 6th, 2015By: Rain editor

In order to address the need for information on rainwater, RAIN, SearNet and AFRHINET are
organising a joint symposium on rainwater harvesting (RWH), which brings together policy makers, NGOs, research institutions and practitioners.


Symposium Rainwater Harvesting assessed from three angles


In this symposium RWH will be assessed from three angles: Policy, Know-how and Training on rainwater harvesting (RWH) and will be organised in Ethiopia, from the 1st until the 12th of June 2015. The Policy angle will engage stakeholders from governments and INGOs and discuss how to incorporate RWH in policy frameworks, projects and programmes. The Know-how angle will gather academics and practitioners in writing about their projects and research.


Policy and Know-How of Rainwater Harvesting in Addis Ababa


The Policy and Know-how parts will take place in Addis Ababa. Finally, the training angle will take place in the Dire Dawa region in Ethiopia, which will focus on practicalities and discussions on various RWH/3R technologies.


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