Partner Exchange Meeting 2013

February 7th, 2014By: RAIN editor

From December 9 to 12 RAIN organised an international Partner Exchange Meeting, with the objective to bring together many enthusiastic strategic partners from out of our global network to see how we can jointly further upscale rainwater harvesting. Different key note speakers contributed to the meeting with inspiring sessions on the Blue Economy, Entrepreneurship without money, Learning and networking, Business case development and PPP’s. To allow for all participants to channel the knowledge gained during the PEM2013 to their own network, all presentations are fully available on film.

An excursion to the Polder roof, RAIN’s Environmental Sustainability Event and the 10year celebration closed of the Partner Exchange Meeting 2013 in style!

Below you will find the report of the meeting, and all annexes.

Report Partner Exchange Meeting

Annex 1 Partner Exchange Meeting 2013 Background
Annex 2 Detailed Agenda PEM2013
Annex 3 Presentation South South Exchange in Practice
Annex 4 Presentation RAIN Strategy 2014-2017
Annex 5 Bright Future Lab on the Blue Economy
Annex 6 Bright Future Lab on Blue Economy and hidden cash flows
Annex 7 Presentation Bart Romijn Knowledge Learning Networking Innovation
Annex 8 Recap Entrepreneurship without money
Annex 9 Recap Knowledge, Learning, Networks
Annex 10 Presentation BiDNetwork
Annex 11 NWP Inspiration on PPPs
Annex 12 WWF Water for all – Shared Risk and Opportunity: PPPP Governance of water
Annex 13 Polderdak