July 31st, 2018By: Rain editor

From 21 until 28 June more than 95 enthusiastic participants joined RAIN’s Rainwater Harvesting Training in Kenya. The training aimed to provide the participants with both in-depth knowledge and practical experiences with rainwater harvesting approaches, as explained by farmers, local and international experts. To obtain as many positive and negative learning experiences, the participants travelled… Read more

Toward Long-term Management of Water and Related Resources in a Refugee Setting in Uganda

Refugee settlements in northwestern Uganda are making growing demands on water resources. Development partners have installed water infrastructure (and continue to do so), but several reports indicate that in addition to the infrastructure being overwhelmed by the influx of new refugees, the institutional capacity for its management in the long term is limited. The resulting… Read more

RAIN Announces: In-Field Training Rainwater Harvesting in Kenya

Following the succesful symposium in 2015, RAIN is organizing a training on water harvesting technologies in Kenya, with the support of ICRAF and ZOA. The training will take place in the field and is focused on practical experiences, explained by local and international experts. Click here to see the preliminary program. For more information, please… Read more

Sustain Darfur: RAIN in Partnership to Make Water in 11 Catchments

The Sustain Darfur program, led by ZOA Sudan, looks at Darfur’s water problems from a catchment perspective. As a member of the Aqua 4 Darfur partnership, RAIN (a brand of Aidenvironment) is assessing the social and technical issues in 11 catchments and identifying opportunities to implement water infrastructure that will reduce fluctuations in water levels… Read more

Rain4sales (R4$) Rwanda voted “Most Innovative project” at the VIA Water Sharing Skills Seminar 2017

From November 20th – 24th, leaders of 26 VIA Water funded projects gathered in Accra, Ghana, to share skills and learn from each other and from facilitators. The seminar touched upon different topics including leadership, communication and marketing, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, and project management in general. At the start of the seminar, project… Read more

We will moderate a Roundtable Session during the International Water Week in Amsterdam

Aidenvironment will participate in the Industry Leaders Forum on Tuesday 31st of October, 2017 of the International Water Week in Amsterdam. Industry Leaders Forum Industry Leaders Forum 2017 (ILF) as part of the Integrated Leaders Forum will address multiple issues to secure sustainable use of water and environment for now and in the future. This… Read more

“We Are Now the CMO – What Next?” Developing Strong Working Procedures for Catchment Management Organizations in Uganda

In several catchments across the country, Catchment Management Organization (CMOs) had already been established -some in operation for more than a year- but with different ways of operating and mixed success. There were no guidelines on the operation or self-organization of CMOs. In July 2017, RAIN was asked to develop CMO working procedures (i.e. how… Read more

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