Learning Financial Sustainability – Landscape Canvas

July 11th, 2017By: Rain editor


Business cases offer great opportunities to realise access to water, while at the same time help restoring or conserving landscapes. But how to (locally) finance WASH services in landscape programmes? And how to provide solutions and mechanisms that are able to scale up? The Finance & Business Case approach helps to answer these questions and offers tangible tools and methods to create a workable approach that focuses on local financial sustainability. The business case of land and water, aims to increase the appreciation, valuation and monetisation of natural resources by the market. Also, as private businesses play an important role in markets, this approach will lead to engagement of the private sector in land and water management activities on the ground. This is where RAINs Finance & Business Case approach comes in.

Application of the WASH business case development toolkit results in more promising concept notes, increased financial sustainability and acceleration of your funding procedures. At the same time the toolkit triggers you to include environmental sustainable interventions in the plan, instead of planning for depletion of natural resources, like water and soil. Looking from a business perspective, landscape can add value to its users in many different ways. To integrate this into WASH development and programmes, we developed the Finance & Business case approach. The approach helps developing countries to get out of poverty, connecting them to global markets and boost sustainable (economic) growth. The publication explains all about the business case for land & water, together with tools as our landscape canvas, value proposition and client(s) and landscape selection methods. Businesses will need to recognise the interdependency between the state natural resources are in, and business results and continuity. By adopting such an approach, we canvas understand.


The WASH Alliance International (WAI) has setup a learning and innovation program in 2016. RAIN, as part of Aidenvironment, lead the financial sustainability track and developed innovative tools for business case development in landscape projects aiming for landscape conservation and restoration.

Services provided by RAIN:

  1. Providing a practical research on landscape programs and landscape business involvement
  2. Communication of study results in internal (WASH Alliance) and external (World Water Week) events.
  3. Interviews within WASH Alliance to identify gaps in business case development within WASH projects.
  4. Identifying and evaluating promising landscape projects in developing countries.
  5. Setting up and testing a toolkit to help improve business case development within landscape projects (landscape and client selection and value proposition development).

The project has delivered 3 publications after a study on business cases within landscape projects:

    • The business case of Land and Water;
    • Finance for Land and Water;
    • Background information and case studies