June 16th, 2017By: Rain editor

The Rainwater Harvesting group is a space to share experiences and best practice on rainwater harvesting technology and management practices. Managed by RAIN.


Not a member of our global community on rainwater harvesting yet? Don’t wait any longer. Join us now!

Why join the community?

Here, you will be able to share knowledge and experiences with people and organisations from different sectors such as NGO, government or private, WASH, food security and food production. You can get in touch with them directly; from the expert working in water supply and the company struggling with sufficient water for food production in developing countries, to the government official aiming to include sustainable water supply into policies.

Who’s behind the community?

The community is part of and is supported by the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN). RAIN manages the community, providing webinars and more to motivate and support its members to share good practices, tools and technologies.

What is happening?

Since our start in 2013, our community has grown rapidly to more than 250 members from 57 countries with 185 contributions to various discussions. A series of webinars have been organised in 2013 and these are continuing in 2014.

We warmly invite you to become a member of our community on RWH. Together we can make a difference by supporting each other towards creating access to water for vulnerable people in developing countries.

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