Strategy and approach

Our strategy is to offer the right services to the right people, communities, NGOs, companies, governments and all thos interested. This is how, we’re growing a network that’s capable of bringing about real change for millions of people by enabling them to have sustainable access to safe water.

RAIN gives you the opportunity to become a member of its network by participating in one or more of the following three services:

  • RAIN Advice: your opportunity to get concrete advice on all elements of rainwater harvesting programmes or projects. There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel!
  • RAIN Intelligence: your opportunity to get to know everything you want to know about rainwater harvesting, both from RAIN itself and from others.
  • RAIN Implementation: your opportunity to work with RAIN on rainwater harvesting. Together, we can develop, implement and/or promote programmes and projects.

Which actions?
We are a small team with limited overheads and high transparency. Our focus:

  • implementation of small-scale rainwater harvesting projects;
  • capacity building of local organisations;
  • the global exchange of knowledge on rainwater harvesting;
  • lobbying and promoting rainwater harvesting in general and concrete programmes and projects.

Keywords in our rainwater harvesting approach are:

  • 3R: recharge water sources, retain rainwater, reuse water:;
  • multiple use water services (MUS);
  • sustainable business development;
  • value chains.

More elaborate descriptions of these topics will soon follow.