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Do you apply Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) to improve WASH coverage in your area? And are you looking for ways to make your efforts more sustainable?

Our rainwater harvesting capacity building services can help you increase the long-term impact of your projects.

Water scarcity, climate change and waterborne related diseases are threatening the livelihoods of people all over the world. Building local capacity and transferring knowledge on the opportunities of rainwater harvesting and water management can make a difference. We offer practical and in-depth training programs that help you to promote and share information on all aspects of rainwater harvesting.



We can help you develop a tailor-made training program for your project based on the following three areas:

Water harvesting training

A first step in contributing to the sustainability of your WASH projects is building local capacity in rainwater harvesting, 3R (Recharge, Retention, Reuse) and Multiple Use Services (MUS). We provide training on rainwater harvesting and water management and how to incorporate these approaches and technologies in your project planning and design. We have extensive expertise to help you develop comprehensive training programs and material on how to design, manage and upscale rainwater harvesting, 3R and MUS systems in projects and programs.


Knowledge transfer and experience sharing

Promoting the effectiveness of Rainwater Harvesting technologies to improve WASH coverage in remote and arid areas significantly stimulates the sustainable impact of your work. We can help you initiate learning platforms where participants can exchange knowledge, share experiences and learn from each other on rainwater harvesting, management and hygienic behavior. With our expertise on effective knowledge transfer and learning processes, we are able to help you select the right partners and increase the quality and impact of your work. For more information:


Increased sustainability
Increased health
Upscaling opportunities

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of training programs focused on promoting and enhancing knowledge exchange in Rainwater Harvesting. Building capacity on rainwater harvesting can lead to the following impacts:

  • Increased sustainability of your project or program
  • Increased health and income generating opportunities
  • Upscaling opportunities for rainwater harvesting to increase impact of scale

Rainwater harvesting training to improve rural livelihood

The extensive knowledge of Aidenvironment on local practices helped us to develop a workshop at the right level of understanding of the participants.
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  • Location

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Geblen Tabia in the northern part of Ethiopia is facing extreme water supply constraints with the lowest water access rates in the region of Tigray. In this region Ethiopian NGO Helvetas works on strengthening community resilience and improving rural livelihood. RAIN, managed by Aidenvironment, supported Helvetas to design a training program focused on promoting rainwater harvesting amongst communities and local administration in the village. Our strategic support to the rainwater harvesting training program helped to increase awareness on how to effectively manage rainwater harvesting projects by improving good WASH practices. The second part would highlight disease transmission and blocking, household solid waste management and water treatment and critical hand washing methods. Our widespread experience with rainwater harvesting capacity building in rural areas helps us develop training programs that meet the needs, expectations and level of understanding of your target groups.


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