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There is business in water.

Whether you provide products to treat water, run a water kiosk, or construct sand dams to buffer water for agriculture purposes, there is a demand for water, and people and businesses are ready to invest in this. But how can you unlock the business potential of your initiative? We can help you develop an innovative business model, prepare a sound business plan and support you to make appropriate financing arrangements.



We can support you to develop your water business in five steps:

Assessment: analysis of your business potential

To support you in developing a sustainable and impactful business, we need to get a full understanding of your idea or program, company, product, client and partners. What technologies or services do you offer? What are the activities that generate cash or have potential to create revenues? Combining this with our extensive knowledge of the market for water products in emerging and developing markets, this first exercise gives us a good idea of your business potential.


Business development: drawing up a solid plan

Whatever stage of development a product or idea is in, whether it is in the initial design stage or ready-for-market, a sound business plan is essential. We guide the preparation process, support you with (re)designing your business strategy and revenue model and include risk mitigation measures. We bring in our expertise in appropriate water and 3R technology, feasibility, social marketing and financial inclusion.


Matchmaking: bringing partners together

Involving the right business partners is essential for the success of your water business, as the right partners will give you access to finance and networks that can help you grow your business. We can help you select and involve partners; from impact investors to governmental organizations.


Finance: putting together an appropriate financial package

A business plan tailored to local conditions in your region provides the basis for a positive risk/return analysis and determines the right mix of risk capital, (soft) loans and, if relevant, donor funds. With our expertise in the field of appropriate technology and financing, we are able to increase the chances of introducing or expanding your business.


Learning, development and M&E

Finally, we help you to learn from your experiences and bring in lessons learned from your peers to help you improve your business. For example, many of the businesses we support, have been financed by a mix of grants, impact finance and commercial finance. Providing an evidence-based report on achievements on social and environmental impact is just as important as paying the interest on your loans. We support you in designing theories of change, impact pathways and other tools you can use to calculate your social return on investments.


Financial means
Business models
Safe drinking water

Private sector development and building markets offer great opportunities for entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We help you to turn social and environmental challenges into profit and long-term impact:

  • Better access to financial means
  • Sustainable, scalable and bankable business models
  • Increased access to sustainable and low-cost water technologies (for growing populations)

Microfranchise for Smartpaani

SmartPaani is the first social enterprise in Nepal that distributes water technologies through a business approach.
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SmartPaani is a social enterprise providing eco-friendly and economical solutions to water challenges in Nepal. Their products include water filters, waste water treatment systems and rainwater harvest techniques. SmartPaani asked RAIN, a brand of Aidenvironment, to help them expand their business in WASH delivery in 11 urban centers in Nepal. Following the five steps as explained above, we came up with a new business model based on micro franchising, enabling them to reach scale and impact. This micro-franchise model was designed to set up small WASH businesses in towns and municipalities with a population size usually bigger than 20-30.000 persons. The small businesses would be run by local entrepreneurs (franchisees), but supported, trained and monitored by SmartPaani (franchisor). This way high quality and sustainability could be guaranteed. Today, SmartPaani is leading as the first social enterprise that distributes water technologies through a business approach in Nepal. The company does not only create access to water, but its business approach also incentivizes entrepreneurs to generate multiple source of income, leading to increased sustainable development in the region. SmartPaani even supports in creating access to finance, involving micro-credit institutions or setting up local Saving & Credit Cooperatives for investments in for example rainwater harvesting.


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