Learn All About Rainwater Harvesting Technologies

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

With more than ten years of experience in implementing rainwater harvesting techniques, RAIN ensures people have access to clean water. But there’s more: we also share our experiences with communities, NGOs, companies and governments. By providing workshops, training courses and webinars, RAIN strengthens the knowledge base on rainwater harvesting techniques.

Tools that will teach you all about rainwater harvesting techniques

Need some help to plan your intervention? Some support during your decision making process? Or do you want somebody to build your own rainwater harvesting (RWH) tank? We make experiences available to a wider audience, using amongst others the following tools.

  • the WASH Environmental Sustainability Assessment makes your intervention more environmentally sustainable
  • the GIS mapping tool identifies the potential and feasibly of RWH in a region
  • the RAIN is GAIN tool calculates water needs & demands, and explores RWH technology

Interested in more words on rainwater harvesting techniques?

RAIN hosts webinars on a regular basis. During these webinars various topics are discussed, such as the technical and social aspects of RWH. But also how to intensify lobby activities and how RWH can link with climate change for example. As these webinars are broadcasted online, you can join from anywhere in the world. For more information about the webinars and rain harvesting techniques, you can check out this document or fill in the contact form.