What You Need to Know about Rainwater Harvesting in Kenya

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

For ages, water scarcity has been a problem in Kenya. Less than 20% of the country is optimal for intensive agriculture and people have to walk for hours to get some water, since a lot of areas are not connected to the water grid. In collaboration with local expert institutions and communities, RAIN is implementing, developing and sharing advice on rainwater harvesting systems in Kenya.

Rainwater harvesting can lead to big things in Kenya

In RAINs approach, communities play a big role in developing and adapting rainwater harvesting projects. Simply because this small group of willing individuals can inspire a larger group of followers to participate. Together big things can happen:

  • enhanced food security
  • improved availability to water
  • access to clean, drinking water

Check out the strategies behind rainwater harvesting projects in Kenya

RAIN encourages the practice of ‘3R’ in Kenya. 3R stands for the Recharge, Retention and Reuse of water. You can read more about this approach over here. Interested to team up? Or do you want to get in contact with RAIN? Visit their contact page.