All You Need to Know About Rainwater Harvesting in the Andes

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia are facing an increased shortage of water. Water they need for domestic and productive use. How could this happen? Well, the tropical glaciers that buffer water are decreasing because of global warming. Also: rainfall is getting more erratic, causing periods of droughts, flooding and landslides. To fight these water stresses, RAIN is promoting rainwater harvesting projects, that’ll be implemented in several areas in the region.

3 things rainwater harvesting projects will improve in the Andean region

With a clear understanding of the water related problems in the Andes, RAIN connects rainwater harvesting organizations in the region and promotes collective actions to deal with the water scarcity. These actions will improve:

  • the food production, benefitting people’s livelihood and income
  • the biodiversity and ecosystems
  • access to clean water at community and household level

Want to know more about rainwater harvesting in the Andes?

‘The water is our mother, that is why we should respect and take care of her’ is an Andean proverb. You can find more facts in this document by RAIN. The document makes all rainwater harvesting projects in the Andes easy to understand and scalable to other areas. Got something to add? Drop a line.