Meet The Expert in the Field of Rainwater Harvesting and Buffering

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

RAIN has tremendous experience in the field of rain water harvesting and buffering. The non-governmental organization has implemented programme and projects all over the world, from Europe to Southeast Asia and from Africa to Latin-America. Curious what RAIN can do for you?

Implementing rainwater buffering projects

In all of our rainwater buffering projects, RAIN teams up with local and international partners. Together we come up with unique approaches. Because of RAINs network, experience and skills, we can implement your rainwater buffering project and provide the following services:

  • Programme design, management, coordination
  • Project monitoring, evaluation
  • Capacity building
  • Awareness, promotion

Interested to see some rainwater buffering projects?

RAIN developed a pilot project in Uganda in collaboration with Wetlands International and JESE. The project improved access to water, hygiene and reused waste flows. This Environmental Sustainability Pilot can be found in this document, together with another project in Nepal. Want to set up a rainwater buffering project yourself? Contact RAIN.