The RAIN Foundation, Amsterdam, est. 2013

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

RAIN believes rainwater belongs to everyone. Our non-governmental organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been developing, spreading and implementing rainwater harvesting systems since their foundation in 2013. We’ve been teaming up with partners across Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. Want to get to know RAIN a little better?

Pillars of the Amsterdam based RAIN Foundation

Of course RAIN aims to make their approaches easy to understand and scalable to other areas. We also provide a platform for knowledge exchange. Implementation, intelligence and advice is what they’re all about. A short explanation.

  • RAIN implemented programmes and projects all over the world. Our hands-on experience in applying tailor made approaches to rainwater harvesting, in close collaboration with their network partners, is unique.
  • Intelligence. Delivering knowledge products and sharing activities, RAIN links information and theory with practice and people. Discussions and collaborations with experts and partners keep our expertise up to date and help spreading ideas and innovations.
  • Supporting you to integrate the technical, institutional and social aspects of water harvesting. RAINs consultancy services offer practical advice, geared towards result. We translate programme objectives into tangible actions.

Do you want to team up with the RAIN Foundation in Amsterdam?

You’re welcome to contact RAIN for experience sharing, programme design and development, as well as technical assistance and project implementation. All further info about this Amsterdam based organization can be found here.