The Value of Irrigation Development in Ethiopia

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

Ethiopia counts more than 74 million people. Around 84% live in rural areas and depend on rainwater for agricultural and domestic water supply. Most rain falls intensively, leading to an abundance of water for a few weeks, and even longer periods of drought. With its rainwater harvesting projects, RAIN offers a solution for farmers to store water for irrigation and livestock.

Irrigation development in Ethiopia can change the lives of many farmers

Irrigation development in agriculture allows farmers in Ethiopia to produce food for their own families and their communities throughout the year, but it also has a few other uses. It also enables farmers to:

  • restore land
  • conserve ecosystems
  • raise livestock
  • keep bees amongst other endeavors
  • secure an income to become less dependent on food aid

Irrigation development and the other possibilities of rainwater harvesting in Ethiopia

Rainwater harvesting has more possibilities than irrigation development alone. In fact, it’s an ideal strategy to ensure access to clean water at community and household levels. Find out more in this document by RAIN, which tells you all about the promising possibilities of rainwater harvesting in Ethiopia. Feel free to contact RAIN, if you have any questions or ideas.