The urgency of clean water in Uganda – RAIN

February 23rd, 2016By: Rain editor

In Uganda more than 10 million people have no access to clean water. That’s about 30% of the entire population. Springs, boreholes and wetlands are the main sources of water in rural areas, but water from these open sources is not always safe. Which is why diarrhea and typhoid are common diseases and people have to walk for hours to collect clean water. RAIN is facing these challenges with a tailor-made approach, including rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting leads to clean water in Uganda

RAIN and its partners developed pilots in Uganda that demonstrate the possibilities of water harvesting. And clean water is one of them.

  • People have access to water at their doorstep and:
  • Save time to spend on activities that increase their income
  • Collected rainwater regenerates ecosystems
  • Farmers cultivate more and healthier crops
  • Households have a reliable source of clean water

Keen to learn more about clean water in Uganda?

RAIN believes that the most sustainable way to promote rainwater harvesting in Kenya is to team up with local organizations. This document tells you all about their approaches and processes in this African country. You’re also welcome to contact RAIN in case of any questions.