December 9th, 2013By: vincent

In the RAIn4sale (R4$) project, RAIN is testing the business case for rainwater harvesting (RWH) installations and selling the stored (rain)water by local entrepreneurs in East African context.

Early 2016 RAIN developed and started implementing the Rain4Sale concept in two emerging towns in Uganda in the Lwengo district in the country’s dry lands. At present 4 tanks of 50 cubic meter have been constructed (and handed over) based on a loan. The first results of these pilots are very positive and the first installments for the loan repayment have been received on in 2017. The R4$ approach is currently being tested in Rwanda in close collaboration with our local partners (NGO, Microfinance Institute and local government) in a project funded by VIA Water and Aqua 4 All.

Learn more: go to www.viawater.nl