‘Rainwater4Sale’ – Testing and Validating a Business Case for Rainwater Harvesting for Sale, Uganda

March 21st, 2017By: RAIN editor

Starting the last quarter of 2016 RAIN collaborates with the Uganda Rainwater Association (URWA) to implement a pilot project aimed to validate a business case whereby money either ‘collected from selling rainwater’ or ‘saved as a result of not-buying water’ is used to post-finance the construction of rainwater harvesting installations.

The project targets rural growth centres, in the country’s dry lands, that have no piped water and few alternative sources of clean water. In these areas people depend on distant – often unsafe – water sources including ponds, open wells and valley tanks. Rainwater harvesting installations are provided, on credit, to entrepreneurs who are selected through a rigorous screening process that avoids risks to both the project and the entrepreneurs. The installations include a ferro-cement tank, a first flush device for filtration, water meters, and a tap-stand, constructed by experienced technicians.

The demand generated for the model is overwhelming. So far more than 30 entrepreneurs have expressed interest in the model. Four installations have already been constructed, and the first installments from entrepreneurs are expected before end of March 2017. RAIN developed the project model to set an example of how financial sustainability can be achieved in water provision in areas with few alternative opportunities for safe water.

For more information, please contact: James W. Kisekka