IWRM Context Analysis of Aswa Catchment, Northern Uganda

June 2nd, 2017By: RAIN editor

Mid 2017 the WASH Alliance International (WAI) will start a 5-year program in Northern Uganda. As part of a set of sustainability principles the WASH alliance maintains, this program aims to approach WASH from a catchment perspective. This report outlines the opportunities to integrate WASH in Northern Uganda from a catchment perspective and offers ideas on areas where such an approach would sit well with the broader sustainability approach of the WAI.

Catchment based approaches to WASH or IWRM are not new to Uganda. The past decade the Uganda government, particularly the Ministry of Water and Environment advocate for Catchment based Water Resources Management (CbWRM). In CbWRM full recognition is given to the fact that water transcends administrative boundaries and management should take place from an informed perspective in collaboration with the stakeholders from all sectors. In this context, WASH is always a central concern since Catchment based Water Resources Management has as an objective to sustainably provide for the people in the catchment in their water needs.

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