Blog: Visit to the Rehabilitation of Two Micro Dams in Mali

August 6th, 2015By: RAIN editor

In July I visited the rehabilitation of two Micro dams in the Dontiéribougou village and Fani village in the region of Koulikoro, Mali. This project was carried out by RAIN and it’s local implementing partner AED as part of the WASH Alliance activities in Mali.

During the dry season in this region most wetlands and wells dry out, which results in water scarcity. Micro dams collect and retain rain water increasing water availability during the dry season as well as recharge the water table which increases the level of water in wells.

I had the opportunity to speak to the local community and hear directly from them what where the main benefits from increased water availability.  Women were particularly happy about the fact that they no longer have to walk two or three hours to get water; they have access to water near their homes.  As a result, they have more time to engage in other activities contributing to the family’s income. The dams also provide a drinking point for cattle.

The RHCC (Rainwater Harvesting Capacity Centre) is monitoring the behaviour of the groundwater table through various small wells drilled in the proximity of the micro-dams and has reported increases in the level of water. A management committee has been established in each village and AED has carried out a series of capacity building workshops to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the micro dams.

Rimousky Menkveld

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