Training Workshop on Community-based Integrated Water Resources Management and Rainwater Harvesting, Huye, Rwanda

December 8th, 2016By: RAIN editor

On 23–28 October 2016, RAIN facilitated a training workshop on Community-based Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Rainwater Harvesting for Trócaire program officers and partners from eight African countries: Rwanda, DRC, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Trócaire is an Irish charity and the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

The workshop was held to improve the subject matter expertise of Trócaire program staff and partners. It was attended by 34 participants and included conference room sessions, field visits, and discussions with communities. Topics included the need for holistic approaches, considerations for designing rainwater-harvesting systems, the construction of water harvesting and abstraction systems, approaches to community engagement, and the use of Google Earth to assess opportunities and threats in a landscape.

At the end of the workshop participants recommended ways to improve the planning and implementation of community-based IWRM. These include: making a comprehensive assessment of water resources in the landscape to inform community water resources management planning; integrating domestic water supply with water for gardens and agriculture, considering sanitation and hygiene; focusing on community strength-based assessments (as opposed to vulnerability/needs-based approach assessments) to enable a good understanding of what the communities themselves can do to improve moisture conditions in the landscape; and facilitating community-based monitoring as a means of improving community awareness about the impact of IWRM, which in turn generates more interest in IWRM. Participants indicated they would need further support in implementing the lessons and recommendations from the workshop, for example in planning and implementing activities at the landscape level.

For more information contact James W. Kisekka.