January 13th, 2017By: RAIN editor

We provided the ad hoc secretary for a working group to develop an advice to the Dutch government on better decision making about large dams. The purpose of this advice is to provide updated insights to enable discussion on the options and instruments available for a donor, like DGIS, to contribute to more sustainable decision-making… Read more

RAIN as a brand of Aidenvironment

What happens when you combine a small, hands-on, well-connected NGO with a consultancy organization, advising its clients on sustainable value chains, production and increasing impact? Click here to read more. Read more

Training Workshop on Community-based Integrated Water Resources Management and Rainwater Harvesting, Huye, Rwanda

On 23–28 October 2016, RAIN facilitated a training workshop on Community-based Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Rainwater Harvesting for Trócaire program officers and partners from eight African countries: Rwanda, DRC, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Trócaire is an Irish charity and the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. The… Read more

Kickoff of the 4-year NUFFIC program in Mali

In October 2016, I travelled with my colleagues Maarten van Heems and Rosine Tchemeu to Bamako in Mali to kick off a 4 year NUFFIC program. In collaboration with ICRA, MetaMeta and SupAgro we will strengthen the capacities of 4 Higher Education Institutions in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). This was the first time for… Read more

RAIN supports WASH Alliance International Partners with Monitoring and Evaluation of their Projects

RAIN is partner of the WASH Alliance International (WAI) a consortium with over 100 partners worldwide that together make sure everyone has sustainable access to water and sanitation. In seven different countries, the WAI supports civil society organizations in implementing programs that improve sustainable access to and use of safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. … Read more

Learning from Environmental Sustainability training program

“This training makes sense!” The WASH Alliance International (WAI), a consortium of Dutch NGO’s working on Water, Sanitation and Hygiëne (WASH) programs, has setup a learning program in 2016. RAIN is leading the environmental sustainability track, being one of the important topics included in the learning program. Goal of this track is to build capacity… Read more

Establishing catchment management in Lokok and Lokere catchment Uganda

Like most of the water in the world, the water of the Lokok and the Lokere catchment likes to move and flow downstream crossing several districts. In the upper catchments of these rivers, dusty bushlands and hills of Karamoja, rainfall can limit itself to 500 mm a year, which falls in torrential storms often taking… Read more

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