Following the successful symposium in 2015, RAIN is organizing a training on water harvesting technologies in Kenya, with the support of ICRAF and ZOA. The training will take place in the field and is focused on practical experiences, explained by local and international experts.

Why Rainwater Harvesting?

Limited and unreliable rainfall increasingly challenges people’s livelihoods in Africa’s tropical and sub-tropical drylands. Inability to cope with changing climates and increased demands on the land leads to land degradation, poor social and physical infrastructure, water scarcity, low agricultural and animal productivity, poverty and poor health. Rainwater harvesting (the collection and management of rainfall for storage and reuse) is a poorly distributed and understood means to improve this situation. Particularly when linked to landscape, watershed and soil management, rainwater harvesting has the potential to improve water supply and increase resilience, food security, and well-being by providing affordable, renewable sources of water during dry periods.

What are the Training Objectives?
• Provide participants with an in-depth understanding of different practical methods, technologies and applications in the area of catchment management and rainwater harvesting.
• Provide insights on ideas in the field of water harvesting including area-based approaches,
green infrastructure and road water harvesting.
• Provide participants with practical experiences, including digging bunds, planting vetiver, designing artificial wetlands, water dowsing and (sand) dam design.

Who should join?
We welcome all development workers, engineers, extension staff, policy workers and government representatives active in the field of water management, NRM, WASH and agricultural development in Eastern Africa.

When and Where
The training will take place at several field locations in Kenya between June 21 and June 27, 2018. The program will start in Machakos, about 60 km South of Nairobi and will take participants in groups to different surrounding intervention sites. Click here to see the tentative program.

Training Fee & Registration
The training fee is €1000,- . This includes the 6-day program, food & drinks, accommodation and transport. Please register before April 1st, 2018 through the official registration form. For any questions get in touch via

We look forward to welcoming you
in Machakos!

The RAIN Team