RAIN is an international, flexible,

    transparent and innovative organisation.

    We have built up sound knowledge of

    rainwater harvesting techniques.

    Robert Meerman, Senior Programme Officer


    I like to work with people who are creative,

    inspiring and bring in new ideas and visions.

    We make this possible, as it’s a small 

    and flexible organisation.

    Basja Jantowski, Senior Programme Officer


    My work at RAIN enables me to pursue one

    of my greatest passions:

    To ensure successful cooperation between

    people from different cultures and backgrounds.

    Margherita Tinti, Programme Officer for 

    West Africa


    Rainwater for food security. Become part of it.

    We set an enabling environment for rainwater harvesting, in order to increase food security.


    The Rainwater Harvesting Symposium

    in Ethiopia

    Addis Ababa & Dire Dawa 1 - 12 June 2015

Make your project Rainproof with our services, take a look at our projects!

View all our projects around the world. Recently we started publishing  our projects in the IATI standard (International Aid Transparency Standard). IATI makes information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand.

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RAIN Tools
RWH is gaining more and more recognition as a sustainable alternative to other water supply options. It is economically viable, socially compatible and environmentally friendly.

WASH Guide
WASH interventions always have an effect on the ecosystem or landscape and vice versa.

GIS Tool
RWH has proven to be an effective and sustainable solution to overcome or reduce water shortages all over the world. To apply RWH in a sustainable and effective way, it is important to understand exactly where RWH can be applied to make full use of its potential.

RAIN partners around the world

We focus on regions where people and ecosystems are most vulnerable, using low-cost and simple technologies, adapted to local conditions. Our countries of operation are:

Currently, we are exploring the rainwater harvesting potential in Central America, Indonesia and the Andean region.

Sufficient and safe water should be available to everyone
How do we make that happen? We offer 3 key Rainwater harvesting services:
RAIN Implementation RAIN Intelligence RAIN Advice
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The Great Success of a Truly Community based RWH for Resilience initiative in Tigray, Ethiopia
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The Rainwater Harvesting Symposium 2015 in Ethiopia
By: Irma van Oostrum | March 6th, 2015
In order to address the need for information on rainwater, RAIN, SearNet and AFRHINET are organising...
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