OneWorld Water Battle (Dutch only)

OneWorld organiseert op 11 december 2014 een Water Battle. Read more

Tools on Rainwater Harvesting!

RAIN has developed two new tools: a GIS guideline on rainwater harvesting and a rainwater harvesting decision support tool called “RAIN is GAIN”. Read more

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Engineers without Borders event on Rainwater Harvesting

Engineers without Borders NL and RAIN will organise an evening programme on rainwater harvesting on Wednesday October 15. Read more

Register now for upcoming RWSN-RAIN webinar series 2014!

Register now for upcoming RWSN-RAIN webinar series 2014. Read the newsflash of Rainwater for food security in English or French and how to register. Read more

3R voorkant RAIN website
Smart 3R Solutions booklet is out now!

NWP, RAIN and Partners for Water have published a ‘3R Smart Solutions edition’. It focuses not only on water harvesting but seeks to offer a wider scope by looking at recharge, retention and reuse (3R) from a catchment perspective. Read more

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RAIN is opening up its data to IATI!

For RAIN, as international networking organization aiming to link people and organizations in the field of water harvesting, sharing information open and transparent is key. RAIN has decided to open up and document and publish all its project data according to the IATI standards! Read more

RAIN advice

Let's talk!

So you’d like people to have access to water – or, more specifically, to rainwater. And for this, you want to set up your own project or programme. In fact, you might have already started one! Sooner or later, though, you’ll encounter challenges. We’d like to help you to tackle them.

RAIN brings 10 years of hands-on experience to the table when it comes to rainwater harvesting. We have extensive knowledge to complement this experience. We can also give you access to a wide international network of implementers, policymakers, networkers, experts and other partners.

Feel free to ask

If you want to know how to design, coordinate, manage, monitor, evaluate and/or promote your initiative on rainwater harvesting, sit down with us and discuss the possibilities.

In whatever stage your project or programme may be, we’ll gladly stand by your side and provide insights and solutions. Call or email us and het the  advice you want on topics like:

  • programme design & management;
  • programme and project support;
  • technical support;
  • programme and project monitoring & evaluation;
  • network facilitation;
  • lobbying and promoting.

Want to know more?
Contact us by phone or email.

RAIN intelligence

Let's learn!

What do you know about using or reusing rainwater as a safe water source? Through us, you’ll find relevant practical and theoretical knowledge. You can join our knowledge sharing networks. And you can make use of our extensive database, as well as our manuals, publications and tools. Do you have something to share as well? Then get in contact with us and become part of our network.

We offer our 10 years of experience in developing tools, providing training, and implementing technologies and projects. We link theory with our own practice. We also have an extensive network of knowledge institutes, universities, practitioners and decision makers. You can become part of this network and all the valuable insights its members have. We’ve developed new approaches, tools, technologies and projects through this network – and you can join us!

Exchange knowledge
Call or email us and we'll give you access to, for instance:

  • guest lectures and course development;
  • training packages;
  • publications (manuals, guidelines, best practices);
  • knowledge partners and experts;
  • tools, technologies and projects.

Want to know more?
Contact us by phone or email.

RAIN implementation

Let's act!

So you understand the problem of insufficient and unsafe water supplies. And you not only believe that we have the knowledge, experience and network required to find a solution, but also want to support us in implementing that solution. Let’s talk about what you and RAIN can achieve together.

Ever since 2003, our expert knowledge and managerial skills have proven useful for international programmes and projects on rainwater harvesting. In the meantime, we have increased our efficiency and effectiveness, strengthened our local and international partner network, and gained valuable hands-on experience in applying and integrating rainwater in programmes.

Support our activities

By supporting RAIN and its partner organisations, you will have the opportunity to work on a more sustainable and effective way to increase access to water, thus supporting healthy lives and environments. Among our concrete activities, which have proven to be effective, are:

  • programme and project design & management;
  • programme and project coordination;
  • programme and project monitoring & evaluation;
  • lobbying and promoting.

Do you want to know how you can support us?
Go to this page to donate directly or contact us by phone or email. We'll be happy to discuss all the possibilities with you.